About Starberry Farm
Bob and Sally operated the Just-a-Mere Fruit Farm on Kinney Hill the last season it was open, 1977, and at tempted to buy the property. When they were not successful, neighbor Teed Averill told us to go ahead and order the peach trees for the 1978 season and he’d find a place to put them. He did, the 15 acres where Starberry is now located, a former pasture/hayfield. One to two hundred trees have been planted each year since, including a few apples, apricots, sweet and sour cherries, pears, plums and nectarines as well as about 1500 peaches.
Improvements were made including the first farmstand, the little house-on-a-wagon, and the current one with a walk-in cooler behind the sales room, irrigation and drainage, a pond was dammed on Chappelle Brook in the back near the historic Indian Rock and fencing was added to keep out browsing deer. Raspberries were contributed by a retiring farmer in New Hampshire and a row of blueberries from the Kissingers in Kent.
Except for two years, with a severe hailstorm and the second by a late frost, fruit has been sold to local residents and fans from as far away s NJ, LI, MA and the rest of New England. Also to other farmstands, restaurants and local stores and extra fruit is often donated to local charities and groups making value added products as good works.
In 2020 with restrictions in place, we anticipate following CDC and state advice to control traffic flow in the orchard to protect our customers and workers. Requirements are given above. These may change depending on conditions so check back on our facebook page which will be updated regularly. We Have fruit for sale at the stand when we are open and the CSA is in operation for picking when there is ample ripe fruit for picking available. You may also call us on the home phone between 7 and 9 a.m. or cell phone (spotty service) during the day. We are never open during heavy rain or thunderstorms and there is no CSA PYO when the trees are wet. Sundays we open at noon.